Car rental Ibiza Spain

What is the best way to get a rent a car in Ibiza Spain? This article with help you with tips of renting a car on the island of Ibiza!

If you are planning on taking a rent a car in Ibiza Spain, here are some tips of what you should do before you book a rental car. The prices in Ibiza are very competitive there is several rent a car companies there.  So you can get some really good deals on rent a cars however, if you book your car rental in advance you typically get a better price. You can still get some great deals on car rentals in Ibiza if you wait but the price is almost lower if you book sooner. Ibiza busy season is in the spring and summer, where you can expect the beaches and tourist places to be packed with tourists. It also effects getting a rent a car because the prices of car rentals are more expensive and there is going to be more traffic making it more difficult to drive, if you are planning on traveling through those times.

In Europe Ibiza is like Cancun in the USA it is considered to be a party town when students are out of school so you should be prepared to be surrounded by party people. So you can always get a cheap car rental but spending a little more money on a rent a car will let you get the better quality of a car not a car just to get you to point a to point b.

Some tips of driving your rent a car in Ibiza.

There are a few differences when you are going to driving in Spain like the police is really strict with rules and some rules that are different like you cannot talk on your phone will driving and you have to turn on your headlights while you are going through tunnels no matter what. It is a crazy rule but it helps you out to not get a silly ticket it is worth it.  It is also going to be difficult to find a parking spot on the island of Ibiza I recommend taking the first one you see or pay for parking. You will not be able to avoid this. Unlike the rest of Europe it is required to pre pay for your gas or use a credit card on the approximately 15 gas stations on the island. Another big tip when you are getting gas is that Gasoinla is not gas it is diesel so make sure you choose the right gasoline for your car.

Having a rent a car in Ibiza is easy once you get use to driving you should be fun just follow your GPS instructions, and keep both eyes on the road you should have a fantastic vacation in Ibiza, Spain.

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