The Mischievous La Tomatina Carnival

La Tomatina carnival emerged from a series of tomatoes fights, wherein tomatoes were thrown in bulks on corrupt city officials and some of the townÃ&ce

The magnificent country of Spain is renowned all over the world for its festive spirit. When we think of fun-packed, adventurous, adrenaline aching sports, the first place that pops up in our minds is Spain. Spain is the proud host of the world’s best festivals, not in a religious sense but in an entertaining and playful sense. The town of Bunol in Valencia, Spain hosts one such amazing fiesta called the La Tomatina fiesta.

La Tomatina carnival emerged from a series of tomatoes fights, wherein tomatoes were thrown in bulks on corrupt city officials and some of the town’s thugs. Gradually the town folks started enjoying throwing tomatoes at one another and hence they named this playful act as the festival of La Tomatina. The La Tomatina is now celebrated proudly on the streets of Bunol every year on the last Wednesday of August.

Thousands of locals from Spain and tourists from around the world are attracted to this jovial festival to get painted in the color of luscious tomatoes. This annual carnival is famous as the biggest food fight in the world. The event starts when the local farmers’ dump truck-full of tomatoes into the town square and shoot them to the excited crowds. In order to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime food fight opportunity, one has to abide by the rules laid down for the safety of the participants by the local authority. Book your spain tour packages early to enjoy La Tomatina Fiesta 2014.

The foremost rule is that the tomatoes need to be squashed properly before throwing them onto the crowds and the participants are strictly required not to rip each other’s t-shirts or throw anything other than tomatoes onto the crowds. This fun-packed fiesta lasts for an hour during which the supply of tomatoes constantly gets replenished by trucks passing through the village. The sound of the first provocative gadget marks the start of the seductive food fight and the second provocative tool marks the end of this crazy fiesta. To mark the start of the La Tomatina event five grand, tomato-packed rockets are sent screeching into the sky. At the sound of the second provocative tool no more tomatoes can be thrown and so the participants flee to the river to clean themselves off the juicy pulps.

The participants are required to make way for the trucks loaded with tomatoes to pass through the village. As soon as the whistle is blown for commencement of the crazy fiesta, the whole town turns into a sea of red. Participants throw the juicy squashed tomatoes from the top of the buildings or from the streets all uniting together as one (and yet everyone for themselves).

Bunol is the proud town of Spain that hosts the biggest food fight of the planet. Bunol is also known for its cool and pleasant climate and finger licking cuisine. The month of August is the most celebrated part of the year and brings together thousands of tourists and Spanish to mingle in the pleasures of the tantalizing festival of La Tomatina.

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Photos The Mischievous La Tomatina Carnival

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